Who We are

Concern for increasing levels of heat stress has lead to the development of our Air Chiller product line.  Our misting systems enable any group subject to heat stress – sports teams, industrial workforce, construction workers, hospitality event attendees, etc – to remove that stress with our unique portable misting solutions.  No garden hoses – no water being sprayed on people – “just” a temperature reduction of 20-30 degrees.  If heat stress is one of your management problems, we have the solution.

Our Services

Located in Athens, TX (about an hour southeast of Dallas), Air Chiller provides state of the art portable misting systems designed to reduce heat stress and increase productivity.  Our CU, FD, EXP, and trailer products are all manufactured with UL-listed components, assembled with local labor, and are designed to withstand the rigors of industrial use.  We are proud to manufacture these units in and for America.

Temperature Drop Video

We have a new video available for you to view.
It shows a huge temperature drop in in our 100F degree warehouse.

It is video proof that we can lower the ambient temperature of a work area from 100F degrees to 80F degrees.

Check it out and get yours today!!

This has been edited down to  8 minutes showing the temp checks throughout.

Long Version
This is for those who are skeptical. It is 28 min of uninterrupted video with temp checks along the way.

US PATENT 6,789,787 B2


Featured Products:

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Fold Down Unit