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Heat Stress is a killer and our AirChiller misting units are a new breed of evaporative cooling that has come a long way from the old-fashioned “Swamp Coolers” of the past. Technology has advanced; things have gotten smaller while becoming more powerful. The old style port-a-cool evaporative coolers are a thing of the past.


AirChiller uses the cutting edge of misting products. It compares to the larger competition and wins hands down. Our technological advances are keeping up with the latest designs in the industry and we will continue to pioneer those advances. AirChiller misting products are the only misting units engineered to outperform the competition. With “DryMist” Technology™ and the smallest 1000psi pump on the market we are the only patented portable misting system you can buy.


Manufactured in Athens, TX (Texas, USA) our state of the art “Dry-Mist” Technology will cool your environment 20-30 degrees even on the hottest of days. The AirChiller powder-coated steel frame allows you to see through and behind it while keeping the components safe; its rugged design will last for years.


Evaporative Cooling Technology has advanced; you can now get the same cooling power in a smaller package and for less money.


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